Island Nation in a Global Sea

Island Nation in a Global Sea

Published: April 2014

Press release


The book is a collection of speeches and analysis of those speeches by President Michel, which shares the story of the many challenges and sacrifices in the making of the ‘new Seychelles,’ a modern country, by the leader who delivered promises over a ten year period.

President Michel tells a remarkable story of how a small nation comes to terms with globalistion. It has not been an easy journey. The economy was already the subject of a major overhaul when in addition, a way had to be found to counter the impact of the global financial crisis. As if that was not enough, Seychelles had been on the frontline in countering the constant threat of Somali pirates on the high seas. In spite of these challenges, this has been a time for further domestic progress; investment in education and health has increased, and the country has opened its own university. Each year more tourists choose to visit this tropical idyll, lured by the warmth of its people as well as the exotic environment.

Meanwhile Michel has worked tirelessly to strengthen ties across the Indian Ocean and to play a bigger role on the African continent. As a representative of a small island nation and a champion for the environment, his voice is widely heard and respected on the international stage.

The book tells the unique story of an island nation in a global sea.

“Seychelles cannot of course avoid being involved in the economic troubles which have in recent years beset every continent. They have a strong interest in promoting the prosperity of other countries in Africa and indeed Europe and Asia. He [President Michel] aptly quotes the English poet John Donne who pointed out that no man is an island, and we, in the Commonwealth, have warmly welcomed Seychelles as an active member of our group and we applaud her determination to preserve democracy, prosperity and the natural beauty of the Islands. I warmly welcome the President’s book and recommend it to all those who live in or visit Seychelles.” Lord Hurd of Westwell, former UK Foreign Secretary, Member of Parliament, Co-President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in his foreword to “Island Nation in a Global Sea: Making the new Seychelles”

" It serves to nail you to a particular benchmark..(..)..This benchmark will serve as a pivot for two things- for those who wish to build on your ideas to have a  foundation on which to work to, but no less  important, for those who wish to criticize your methods to have a  reference point for doing so. Both are equally important for it is the lot of the politician and leader to stimulate bother followers and detractors to greater things, for the greater good."- Bernard Georges, Seychellois lawyer and politician.