Message from President James A Michel - New Year 2012 - English Version

Sun, 01 January 2012 | State House

Dear people of Seychelles, residents and visitors,

New Year represents new hope and opportunities. It symbolises hope a better future. For individuals, families and a nation, it is a time to make resolutions, to undertake changes where necessary and to develop opportunities.

New Year is also an occasion for a profound reflection on the outgoing year and to plan for the new one. In our reflections it is fitting to remember those who have left us -- particularly the ones who lost their lives in tragic circumstances. The departed and their families hold a special place in our thoughts. We share the pain of their families and we reaffirm our support for them. We also think dearly of our two compatriots who have been taken hostage by Somali pirates. I repeat: We will never forget them. We are doing all that we can to reunite them with their families. We are determined, more than ever, to fight the scourge of piracy which is threatening our people and country.

Without any doubt, 2011 was a year of victories for Seychelles. Together we have lived exceptional events. All of these reinforced our unity, our sense of patriotism, our pride as a people. It has been made abundantly clear to us that when we put our minds together, combine our energy, work hard, and when we are united … our achievements are without limits. Truly, when we are united, when we practice respect and tolerance, when we promote harmony and the sense of patriotism, when we share moral and spiritual values, when we work hard, Seychelles comes out stronger. Seychelles emerges victorious!

In spite of the world economic and financial crises, we have accomplished a lot. Our economy has demonstrated its resilience. We have created the environment and opportunities for economic growth and diversification. We have to continually maximize our potentials.

The year 2012 will bring us more challenges, more turbulences and more uncertainties than the year that is ending. However, our nation is made up of intelligent people, who are resilient and can adapt to the most difficult changes. We have a system of democracy that represents the aspirations of our people, and which we are continually perfecting. We have systems of education and health which are accessible to all Seychellois, without exception. We have a welfare system which assists the most vulnerable in our society. We have systems of old age security and pension which enable our elderly citizens to enjoy their lives in peace and dignity. This is clearly the reason why Seychelles is first among African countries and 52nd in the world on the United Nations Human Development Index.

All of these inspire me to have confidence in the future. I maintain my optimism in the development of Seychelles during the year we are welcoming.

At the same time, let us not forget that we are experiencing a global recession that is worsening day by day. We have been following what is happening in Europe, the principal market for our tourism and fishing. We have a small economy, which is open and vulnerable. The global recession will continue to have an impact on the travel and civil aviation sectors. Therefore, we will have to boost our mitigation measures, in order to ease the negative impact on the socio-economic development of our country.

We will have to increase productivity. We’ll need to have new work ethics. We will need to become more efficient in all that we do. We have to become more innovative and creative. I am confident that we will do it because our people have demonstrated their courage and commitment for the future of Seychelles. I am confident that we will do it for the New Seychelles!

Dear people of Seychelles, it is for these reasons that I have chosen Striving for our Seychelles as the theme for the year 2012.

All that we have accomplished is not by chance, but a result of hard work, guided by a vision, a plan, a strategy and a motivated leadership. It is the hard work of an entire nation that has taken us to where we are today. The future of our homeland rests on the hard work, individual and collective, of all Seychelles’ children. The wellbeing of our country is dependent on the sharing and realization of a vision to take the country to the higher summit. There is no greater motivation than the love for our homeland. This is what motivates us to do more and better for Seychelles. All that we do is for the wellbeing and the love of our Seychelles. The New Seychelles deserves the best from all of us.

We have to work hard in order not to be marginalized by the big changes taking place in the world. We have to work hard to plug our country into the world economy, and continue to project our image on the international scene.

Striving for our Seychelles is about promoting excellence, honesty, respect and integrity. It means giving our maximum in all that we do, for ourselves and our country. It is about the promotion of good values and attitude in our workplaces, hard work as a prerequisite for success, boosting the competence of our people and providing them with the resources they need to do their work well. The success of our nation depends on good education, the social and spiritual values that we cultivate and inculcate in our children. It is also linked to the type of leadership, the policies that are put in place and the opportunities that are created for the people.

Striving for our Seychelles is about a leadership that is able to motivate and inspire its people, and which enables all of us to strengthen values and improve the quality of life of all Seychellois.

We all can render Seychelles a service, and contribute to the contentment, prosperity and wellbeing of our brothers and sisters. It is not difficult. It requires a conscious effort, collective work, less selfishness, and greater involvement in our community. It requires tolerance, dialogue, national unity and the sense of patriotism. Above all, it requires that we remain realistic, resilient and responsible.

Often we forget that small deeds can make our country a better place to live in. We have to learn to do our contribution, and render it meaningful, in the interest of and love for Seychelles.

Many people of goodwill are striving to bring about positive changes in our country. They are working hard to educate and enrich our people. They are working hard to sensitise our children and youth on their moral and social responsibilities. They are doing a good job to help eliminate bad influences and behaviours in our society. They are hard at work promoting unity, peace and harmony in our Seychelles. They are creating and seizing opportunities that will improve their lives. They are striving to help build a better tomorrow for our country and our children.

Let us join together to have a better future for ourselves, our children and our Seychelles. All that we need to do is work hard, with commitment and devotion. We can do it -- we have to do it -- for the New Seychelles!

Dear people of Seychelles,

We’ve had a lot of discussions. We have exchanged many ideas on the concept of social renaissance. It is clear which path we want to take. Let us, at the start of this new year, make an undertaking to realize it, to live the values which are the basis of the New Seychelles. Our Seychelles is our land, our cradle. Our Seychelles needs all its children.

I take great pleasure in wishing all Seychellois, including our compatriots overseas, all residents and visitors to our country, a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012.

May God continue to bless our small and beautiful country and protect us.

Let us strive for our Seychelles!

Thank you.


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