Message By Mr. James Michel, President of the Republic Of Seychelles, in the Occasion of theInternational Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Tue, 03 December 2013 | Foreign Affairs

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, allow me on behalf of the government and people of Seychelles, to renew our unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people in their continued struggle to exercise their inalienable rights and realize their legitimate aspirations for a sovereign, contiguous and democratic Palestine living side by side with a secure State of Israel.

In strong support of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, we call on all concerned parties to intensify efforts in working towards credible and meaningful dialogue to reach a comprehensive peace settlement.

This is absolutely essential if a just and lasting peace is to be established in the region. Unilateral actions and use of force on the ground will only undermine all efforts to reach the peace and reconciliation which generations of Israelis and Palestinians have been longing.

On this day we call on the leaders of both Palestine and Israel to show commitment, political will and courage while working to meet the legitimate aspirations of their peoples.

We therefore commend all the positive steps taken during the year to resume negotiations and improve the situation on the ground but much more still remains to be done to meet the different obligations under the various resolutions of the United Nations and other existing agreements. We express our hope that the negotiations will lead to meaningful agreement.

In meeting our common goal for a more tolerant, prosperous and sustainable future for all, we call on the international community to spare no effort in facilitating a viable political process that will make the ultimate goals of statehood for Palestinians and security for the State of Israel a reality.
 Note: Delivered at United Nations Headquarters, New York, New York U.S.A

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