International Workers’ Day, May 1st, Message from President James A Michel

Tue, 29 April 2014 | Employment

On the occasion of Labour Day and mindful of the national theme of 2014, ‘International Year of Small Island Developing States; Seychelles A Determined Island Nation’, Government is placing yet greater emphasis on a skilled, innovative and disciplined workforce, capable of thriving and adaptation in today’s rapidly changing world, leading to greater productivity.The higher level of productivity results in substantial gains for workers and the country as a whole.

For the past decades, we have remained steadfast and committed to the development goals, prosperity, progress and unity of our small island developing state. Through hard work, we have achieved very commendable results, which we must consolidate and improve upon.

We all have played a significant role in laying the foundation for workers’ rights. Together we have made great progress to create a favourable working environment. This extends from providing fair treatment for all workers to ensuring that the policies put in place for their protection are continuously reinforced. Government is continuously ensuring that rights at work are respected. We continue to, for example, make work safer and ensure that salaries guarantee decent living conditions for all workers and their families.

We have succeeded in maintaining a low unemployment rate by facilitating access to job opportunities for all Seychellois who are actively looking for work. More jobs are being created through partnerships between government and the private sector, generating more wealth for the people of Seychelles. In tandem with job creation and promotion of entrepreneurship, we have continually invested in education and training, ensuring that our workforce is competent and capable to work in areas of demand.

In order to sustain our achievements I call on all workers to adopt positive attitudes that foster unity, tolerance, respect and determination. These values instil in us a culture of hard work. Productivity increases. The nation becomes wealthier.

I once again call for greater collaboration between the private sector and the government to enable us all to bring greater prosperity to Seychellois. As our growing economy generates more jobs, I urge all those capable and willing to work to take advantage of the many opportunities and adopt responsible attitudes in the workplace.

Work ennobles the human spirit. The New Seychelles needs all its workers, just as we need an ethos of hard work, conscientiousness and productivity. They are key to our progress and happiness as a nation. I wish all workers a happy Labour Day.

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