Message from President James Michel for International Nurses Day, May 12th 2014

Sun, 11 May 2014 | Health

Nurses: A Force for Change –­­­­ A Vital Resource for Health

International Nurses Day recognises and celebrates the vital role that nurses and midwives play in achieving better health for individuals, families and communities.

On this important occasion and special day my government and I would like to join every Seychellois in congratulating and thanking the nurses and midwives for their commitment to delivering high quality care.

The work they are doing is amazing.  They are individuals with an exceptional dedication to their noble professions and the wellbeing of their patients.  They touch the life of every person.At a time when much change is occurring in our public health system, the theme chosen by the International Council of Nurses this year, “Nurses: a Force for Change – a Vital Resource for Health”, is of absolute relevance.

The theme encapsulates the collective strength of our nurses and midwives. It values them in the vanguard of health care progress.The designated day is a time for nurses and midwives to reflect on how they can lead the way towards further improving the quality of care and, ultimately, the health of our nation. As you, the nurses, mark the day, I would like to invite you to give much thought to what nursing means to you, and what motivates you to continue to work tirelessly as a nurse and a midwife caring for your fellow human beings. You are true role models who inspire the younger generations to take up the profession.

Like in many other countries, nurses and midwives form the largest group of health professionals in Seychelles. I realise the huge responsibility you have to shape the future of the nursing and midwifery professions; to help create a health system that puts patients at the centre of care and bring about positive health outcomes. We also appreciate that you, as a group, have always risen to the challenge and been able to deliver on health programmes that meet the expectations of our people.

Being at the forefront of the health care delivery system, as nurses you are the first to recognise the need for change, be it in organisational processes, health protocols or individuals’ attitudes and behaviour to health.The campaign “My Health, My Responsibility” recently launched by the Ministry of Health provides nurses with another excellent opportunity to be effective agents in promoting healthy lifestyles.

I believe that as change agents you are contributing enormously to helping people adopt healthy choices.The recent restructuring of the Ministry of Health is no doubt empowering our nurses to become a bigger force for change.  You need to remain engaged in the reform process, in maximizing your contributions towards an improved health system and better health outcomes. You need to seize all opportunities to develop your competences and skills, to continue leading our society toward better health.

On this occasion, the Government renews its pledge to provide and support opportunities for learning and development of nursing in Seychelles. We pray that you remain motivated and committed to delivering the best possible health care to the citizens of Seychelles.Once again I would like to thank you for your devotion, compassion and hard work.

Happy Nurses Day to all nurses and midwives!

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