Message on the occasion of International Children’s Day 1st June 2014 "Children, determination is the key to your success"

Fri, 30 May 2014 | State House

Dear children,

June 1 is your special day, which is dedicated to all the children in the world.

On this day, all of us together strengthen our commitment towards the wellbeing of children, their protection, their health, their education, their good upbringing.  June 1 reminds us that we all have a duty to promote the good environment that offers security and love, for our children to develop well. It is a time of celebration, but first of all it is an occasion to better appreciate the education offered to you, and the preparations made to enable you to become good citizens of tomorrow, the future of our nation.

Our children always hold a special place in Seychelles. They are the treasures of our society. Their presence enriches family life. Their smiles and liveliness make life more interesting. We invest a lot in their education. We protect their innocence, we see their beauty and promises for the future.

I call on the parents to continue surrounding your children with love, giving them the care and protection they need to grow up in a home where there are peace and harmony. All good things start at home. Let us give our children good example, the sense of responsibility, discipline, good habits, for them to become our joy and pride of tomorrow.

June 1 is also an occasion for us to spare a thought to the children who are less fortunate.  You see the pictures on television. Not all children have the same opportunities like you the Seychellois children. Not all children go to school. Not all children are in a stable family and are able to enjoy their rights. Not all children are able to look at the future with hope and believe that they can make their dreams come true.

Seychellois children, you can have a dream. You have all the opportunities. Your future is bright if you take your studies seriously, and be in good company. It is you, with the support of your parents and teachers, who have to seize the opportunities. Nothing is impossible if you work hard and have the determination to succeed. Your education must be your priority. It is education that will open the door and provide you with the qualities and means to succeed.

Today, I would like to ask you children to make your education the most precious thing to have in your lives. Listen to your teachers.  Respect your teachers. It is your teachers who are the guides and support to help you realize your dreams. It is not nice to see children disobeying, answering back or using bad language. When we do such things, we are showing a lack of respect for the very people who have dedicated their lives to working with us. But you are also causing harm to yourselves. We do not go to school to cause problems. We do not go to school to fight, to bully others. We go to school so that when we complete our studies, we come out as young people who are well trained and competent.

The wish of our nation is to see all our children become responsible young people, respectful, able to stand strong against bad influences. Who appreciate that our teachers, our parents, the community, contributed to our development. My other advice is for you to avoid going down the wrong path. Do not listen to those who will lead you to danger, who will destroy your future.   Put your trust in the people who love you and who are there for you always. Build your self-esteem. Appreciate and value your potentials.

I wish all children a happy day and pray that you use the occasion to make good reflections at your schools.

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