Christmas 2014 Message from President James A Michel

Tue, 23 December 2014 | State House

The time of the year when we come together to reflect on and share the goodness of humanity is here again.

It is Christmas.

We mark the birth of Jesus who brought us wondrous news. He taught us the good values of life. Values that, for centuries, have been guiding us in our relations with others. Once again, I wish that this Christmas the example and teachings of Jesus Christ will continue to nurture love within our families, our communities, and nation.

Christmas is a time of peace, a time to celebrate and share love with our families and friends, with our neighbours, with visitors choosing our shores for their holiday during this festive season. What is more important, perhaps, is to always be mindful of our disadvantaged fellow citizens. We are encouraged to find time for the needy. As we live the values of the celebration, let us dedicate our good deeds to all our Seychellois children, our brothers and sisters, who are less fortunate.

Every Christmas the children warm our hearts when they sing the carols to the nation. My family and I thank them for bringing us joy. We are grateful to the various religious orders, especially the nuns, the church, government organisations, businesses, and also civil society groups for helping to care for our children in the special homes. Let us continue to love them and guide them to become proud adult citizens of future Christmases.

Our thoughts at this time of year are also with the elderly citizens, some of them residing in state institutions, and others living alone. Each one of them deserves a visit, a card, a greeting during Christmas. They served us well in the past, and that is why we make a place in our hearts for them, too.

In this time of caring and sharing, we also show solidarity with the single parents, the vulnerable, the disabled, the homeless, the sick in hospital and at home. The families who are facing difficulties and grieving lost ones. May Christmas fill them with beautiful memories.

We pray for those on the margins of society. The men and women, most of them young, who are fighting for liberation from substance abuse; the convicts trying to make a new beginning in their lives. Our wish is for a lifestyle that is free of social ills.

During the time of Christmas we are touched by the generosity and compassion of individuals, the choirs and various companies for helping to spread goodwill among our nation. Their giving and sharing are well appreciated.

Victoria, our capital, is well decorated, once again. We are all enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

Jesus came to save us from all that is wrong and evil. This is the great hope for all of humankind. The Christmas message reminds us that we, Seychellois, are a people who continue to inspire the world with our way of development, harmony, tolerance, peace and stability. Unfortunately, even in the midst of the celebration, it is difficult to ignore the shadows of crime and violence, and other challenges, on our society. We always have faith in God. We believe in our resoluteness to make Seychelles a better land for all our people. When we go to church we pray for greater love, more goodness and happiness for our nation. This Christmas gives us another occasion to sow the seeds of love and respect in all families, in all homes, in all communities across the land. Let love and goodness take root and bloom in all individuals.

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