Labour Day, May 1st 2015 , Message from President James A Michel

Wed, 29 April 2015 | Employment

This year is dedicated to patriotism, making Labour Day 2015 special. Greater love for our country is inspiring us in all that we do.

Labour Day honours the achievements of workers. On Labour Day 2015, the workers of Seychelles are also proud to be celebrating our accomplishments of the Millennium Development Goals. Our workers have always stood together, firm in purpose, united and strong, to turn our popular policies and efforts into successes.

We continue our march on the road of progress. This year my government is promoting a more patriotic approach to work, for all workers to show their love for our country through hard work and display of exemplary work ethics. We all know that it is through togetherness, responsibility and investment of efforts that we achieve greater prosperity for all. A huge sense of achievement and pride for a small island nation.

On Labour Day 2015, I renew the dedication and unwavering commitment of my government to always strive to develop Seychelles into a better place for all workers and their families.  This is a guiding principle that has greatly influenced human development progress in our country during the past four decades.

One of the notable successes is the low unemployment rate in Seychelles today. This achievement is the result of the government’s policies of promoting employment for all Seychellois who are actively seeking work.

The newly restructured ministries are also playing a key role in the development and economic growth of our nation by encouraging Seychellois entrepreneurs to explore new avenues to wealth creation, to adapt to the needs of today’s economic environment, and consequently to create new jobs. One way of fostering economic growth is through the cultivation of an entrepreneurial culture within the country.  Entrepreneurship represents a source of new jobs. It encourages innovation in different sectors. It unleashes the creativity of our people. It absorbs talented Seychellois into economic activities. We innovate, we work hard, we grow, we multiply the opportunities. Our beautiful country is surrounded by sea and this is why much emphasis is being placed on the blue economy. In our  blue economy  we see plenty of openings for business and employment.

All these opportunities are for our Seychellois workers and entrepreneurs. Everyone of us has a significant contribution to make in the development of Seychelles. Workers are catalysts for economic growth. It is our work, and above all our attitude towards work, which bring well-being, as well as demonstrate our love for our country.

This year’s Labour Day theme is “My Career, My Family, My Seychelles”. It is asking us to love what we do for our living, to love our family and our country. To work hard for our personal betterment, the happiness of our families, and progress of our nation.

United we remain strong. Together, working for the same goal, for more success, for improved life. For the love of Seychelles.

I wish all workers a happy Labour Day.

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