Children’s Day 2015 - Message from the President

Sat, 30 May 2015 | State House

As we celebrate this year's Children's Day, I wish all children of Seychelles happiness and success not only for this special occasion, but also for the bright future that lies ahead of them.

Seychellois children are blessed. They are loved and cherished by their families and live in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. They are valued by society not just because they represent the future but also because they make our homes a happier place. Our children enrich our lives; they are our pride and joy and they will always enjoy a special place in our hearts and minds, and in society.

Seychellois children are full of natural talent. In almost every area, they have the potential and support to excel. It is our privileged duty as parents, educators and community leaders to nurture this raw talent, energy and creativity. It is our fundamental responsibility to guide, motivate and promote the wholesome development of our children. We must remember that their success or failure is very much a reflection of our own contribution in their upbringing.

Our role is to empower our children as early as possible to be responsible citizens in their own right. Our obligation and responsibility are to teach them the values and manners so that they will have respect for themselves and others but most importantly be respected by others. In short, we have to provide the right environment, at home, in our schools and communities for our children to thrive. Every one of our children deserves to grow up in security, free from all forms of abuse. That is our part of the bargain. And once we have achieved this we can watch our children change the world. Because the dreams of an empowered child has no limits.

It is equally important that children understand that they have a role to play in their security and well-being. In a modern world, with easy access to technology and information, it is imperative that children are empowered to be responsible and accountable.

As adults, we know that we cannot police our children 24 hours a day. That is why we have to educate them to make the right and informed decisions. To give them belief and strength to stand up for their rights and to defend their integrity. But children must also realise that actions have consequences. That is why they have a responsibility to learn and study because it is for their own good.

On this Children's Day, I ask all Seychellois children to make the most of the opportunities that have been given to you. Do not take life, nor the love of your parents and teachers for granted. Appreciate the difference they make in your lives. Do not take your education for granted. It is your right but also your responsibility to invest yourself in your studies. Your education is your greatest asset. Through it, you can fulfill your dreams and make this world a better place for your own children.

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