Children’s Day 1st June 2011 Message From President James A Michel

Tue, 21 June 2011 | Youth

Children’s Day 1ST June 2011
Message from President James A Michel

Children are the most precious gifts to parents, families and society. A country is assessed by the way it treats its children, young people and elderly citizens. On the occasion of Children’s Day, it is fundamental that we should reinforce the necessity for parents and the family as a whole to be more conscious and better understand and fulfil their roles and duty towards their children. All parents, whether they are biological, adoptive or foster parents, have the duty and obligation to provide the basic needs for their children. This is through love and affection, ensuring that they are well nourished, well accommodated and clothed and that their other material needs and medical care are ensured.

Parents have the responsibility to give the necessary emotional support and stability to the children that are equally important for their wholesome development. We can do this by showing an interest in our children’s studies, and their sportive, cultural, religious and recreational activities. When we take the time to listen to our children, exchange ideas with them, spend time with them, understand their aspirations and guide them, we are helping them to build their confidence and desire to do better.

Of course, in everything we do, we must consider our children’s age. The smaller they are, the more time they need for recreation and to develop their creativity. Children enjoy themselves through play. They also make discoveries, develop their personalities and even learn good values such as respect for others and sharing through play.
Our children’s responsibilities widen as they grow up. We have to encourage them to help out at home, include them in certain important decisions we make at home and teach them how to look after themselves and their personal possessions.

Every child in Seychelles has the right to enjoy the same facilities and programmes and as they grow up, each child must have responsibility towards their education and personal development. They have the opportunity to become whatever they want and the Government is there to give them the necessary support.

Parents, adults and other individuals should be conscious that children’s reasoning are innocent and we have a primordial role to ensure that they live in security and are protected from all forms of danger. Those professionals who have the role of ensuring the development and protection of our children, such as teachers, social workers, nurses and doctors, together we should continue to seek to improve the lives of our children. This dedication and competence in our work should be the mechanism through which to reinforce rules and policies governing our children’s welfare.

It is through this spirit of partnership between parents, families, professionals, communities, society and children themselves that we will transmit the idea of sharing, of good moral values that will help our children become strong and resilient against any negative influence.

Our children have brought victory to their parents, their country and themselves through good examination results, medals in sports activities and different accomplishments in the arts and culture. We are proud of the different stages of accomplishments they have achieved. Keep on living the good values.  Be the best ambassadors for your schools and districts because it is what you do today that guarantees victory and a better future.

I wish all children a happy Children’s Day and keep on making the best choices in life.

Thank you.

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