Christmas Message from President James A Michel

Wed, 23 December 2015 | State House

The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, an act of love, peace, and reconciliation.
Christmas 2015 is very special for all of us Seychellois, after a most eventful December. After an intensive election campaign and two rounds of polling,  we have been looking forward to the sense of togetherness, the sense of belonging, Christmas brings every year.  We are happy Christmas is here at last.
We are thankful to God for the spirit of Christmas. It makes us feel stable, comfortable, secure and at peace with ourselves.  It is a time for collective reflection, a time to strengthen our solidarity.
This Christmas marks the beginning of a new Seychellois society, a renewal of life in our communities. We have taken stock of where we are, and what remains to be done. There is always work to do --- the progress of humankind, an emergent, unfolding and never-ending process.
The true significance of Christmas lies in spiritual and moral enlightenment. Jesus was born in difficult conditions and He spread the good news for a transformation in the lives of people.  We always look forward to a new way of life, one of love, healing and great strength. In Christmas we also see the values of family, friendship, kindness and generosity. As we celebrate, we remember that many in Seychelles and other parts of the planet are not able to share the joy that many of us take for granted.
We think of our fellow citizens who are the victims of social ills. They have a special place in the change we seek in our society. We pray for the children in the special homes, the disabled, the sick in the hospitals, the elderly people.
Our thoughts are also with those who have unfortunately lost loved ones and friends during the year. Let us remain prudent in whatever we are doing during this festive season.
My family and I thank all organizations, businesses and individuals that shared love and compassion with the vulnerable among us.  We do it in the true spirit of Christmas.
Special thanks to those who work in the essential services, who safeguard our peace and security, and care for us.
I take this occasion to express my appreciation to everybody in our country for the work done during this year to make our nation happier and more prosperous. We deserve the celebration of Christmas. Let us all do so in peace and in a spirit of sharing and reconciliation.
I wish you all a blessed Christmas!

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