Christmas 2012 - Message from President James A Michel

Mon, 24 December 2012 | State House

My family, my colleagues in government, and I are happy to join our nation to share the happiness and true spirit of Christmas.

It is a special time. It crowns our achievements at the end of the year after we have worked so hard to earn a living, improve our lives, strengthen our families and help the progress of our communities. Together, we have reason to look forward to a joyful and serene celebration of an important religious tradition.

This Christmas we, once again, thank God for keeping watch over our nation. The global economic waters remain turbulent, but we have been sailing through safely.  We are thankful for the resilience, courage, prudence and wisdom of our nation. We remain inspired by the determination and hope emanating from the souls of our beautiful nation. We are grateful that none of our compatriots was this year taken as hostage to an inhospitable land. We continue to rejoice over the reunion of our two elderly citizens with their families after they missed Christmas last year.  This Christmas is, indeed, a memorable event in their lives.

Christmas is the time we collectively put smiles on the faces of our children our families and neighbours.  It is the time when we demonstrate the great sense of goodwill in us and our love for fellow citizens. We are moved by our spirit of generosity and sharing during the celebration.  We take a few more steps to reach the homes of elderly persons who are living alone in our neighbourhoods. We talk to them, we offer our services, we tell them we appreciate all the good things they have done for us. We show them that we care.

This is the best time for national solidarity with the less fortunate members of our big Seychellois family. Our thoughts are with all the people who are facing hardships. It is during the times of difficulties that we form new friendships. We pray for the people who are not well. We think of the children who are not celebrating Christmas in the company of their parents. We think of the disabled and all the people who have to cope with changes in their lives.  Our prayers are also for the individuals and families who have been affected by tragic events during the year.

Christmas is a season of great joy for humankind because we commemorate God’s sending of his Son to be born among us. It is the time when we fill our churches to say prayers of thanks for the good values of life.  This is what makes Christmas a spiritual event of great significance in many communities.

We appreciate all individuals, health professionals, our men and women in uniform, groups, organisations and businesses who devote time and make contributions to bring warmth in the hearts of the sick in hospitals, the residents in institutions for the elderly and the children in special homes, and who watch over the security of our nation. Christmas unites us all to do good, to be kind to others, to care for the wellbeing of our entire nation.

Let us praise the many workers, especially those in the essential services, who are required to be on duty during Christmas time so that the rest of the nation can enjoy the celebration comfortably.  

My family and I are happy to wish all Seychellois everywhere a merry Christmas. On behalf of our nation we extend a warm welcome to all visitors who are with us on our islands during this festive season.

May God continue to bless us with peace and safety during the season of celebrations. 


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