President’s Labour Day message 1st May 2016

Fri, 29 April 2016 | State House

Workers of Seychelles, on Labour Day we celebrate all our physical and mental efforts we put in our economic, social and moral progress.  Every 1st May, together, we also honour our achievements.

As we mark this auspicious occasion, I should like to reaffirm our commitment to protecting the rights of all workers.

We also renew our dedication to safeguarding the hard-fought gains of Seychellois workers.  Together we have made Seychelles a prosperous and progressive nation. Our economy has found renewed strength because of the enthusiasm, hard work and collective contribution of our labour force. However, no matter how big our achievements, we must not become complacent.  We will continue to work together to improve the conditions of workers and their wellbeing, our labour force being the most precious of all our resources.  A force for progress and productivity.

In the first 100 days of this year, we embarked on a new mission to enhance the quality of life of our population. The workers, the children of our workers, the retirees who contributed so much in the past, the disadvantaged, are benefiting more from the fruit of our collective labour.  We have raised the minimum wage and salary levels. There is higher pension for the retirees. Government has initiated a 13th month salary scheme. Social assistance for the disadvantaged members of our society is increasing. The “My First Job” scheme is boosting our labour force. Last year the unemployment rate remained below 5%, another success of our government’s policies of promoting employment for all Seychellois who are actively seeking work. My government is maintaining its consultative approach with the private sector and employers, so that our employment strategies are sustainable and beneficial for both workers and businesses.

This is the Seychelles we are building together for all. We aspire, we strive, we build, we share.

On this occasion, we also acknowledge the enterprising role of employers for creating job opportunities, and honouring their obligations in providing conducive and safe working environments. Today there are more than 50,000 workers in Seychelles. There are over 6000 small and medium enterprises. Together they are generating wealth for our economy.

My government will continue to facilitate the development of businesses and the creation of job openings.

We have demonstrated during the first three months of 2016 that we remain ambitious, and are more determined than ever, in realising our vision for the New Seychelles. My government will continue to intensify its efforts in making opportunities available, ensuring fair and equal treatment of workers, and supporting families in need.

Our unity as a nation and as workers remains essential for the continued development of Seychelles. I call on all workers to be inspired by our patriotic national theme I Love Seychelles. On Labour Day we reflect on the values that bind us. We pray for the preservation of the positive attributes and contributions of all Seychellois. It is by working together, respecting one another’s beliefs and, above all, caring for our country that will bring us greater success.

Happy Labour Day!

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