Message from President James A Michel for Nurses Day, 12th May 2016

Wed, 11 May 2016 | State House

May 12 is a wonderful occasion to reflect on and appreciate the important roles nurses play in our society.

On this special day we show gratitude to our nurses for their dedication, commitment, compassion, caring. And on behalf of the people of Seychelles, on behalf of government and on my own behalf, I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to them and their families for making a difference in our lives.

The theme chosen by the International Council of Nurses to commemorate Nurses Day 2016 is: Nurses: A Force for Change. Improving health systems’ resilience.

All over the world, health care systems are confronted with countless challenges. The growing and aging population, the chronic and acute diseases of behavior and lifestyle and the enigmatic diseases that frequently crop up out of the blue, all bring about their specific challenges.

There is also the increasing need for more resources to address arising health care requirements.

Irrespective of the challenges, or indeed because of these situations which we have to overcome successfully, the quality of health care and the advocacy roles of nurses must be elevated to greater heights than ever before. Nurses, more than any other health care group, need to be resilient because nurses remain the pillar of health care systems.  Your personal and collective strength as nurses will improve the resilience of the health system as a whole.

That is why we greatly value the roles of nurses in health care delivery. We will continue to give our nurses all the support possible to help them adapt to the changing health care environment. I urge you all to seize all enabling opportunities that can push you forward.

Today, as you celebrate your day, I call on you to keep your focus on the quality of your care, on the safety of your patients and on your advocacy roles as nurses. Continue to make the patients your primary concern.  The protection, promotion and restoration of their health, in full collaboration with them, require you to be resilient to overcome barriers.

I am glad that this year, the Ministry of Health is leading nurses and other health professionals into the sphere of patient-centred care.  Patient-centred care requires fundamental changes in how services are organised and delivered. The views of your patients, their values, feelings and wishes have to matter. Be responsive to their needs and aspirations. Above all, communicate.

These would be your most rewarding and lasting contribution to increasing the resilience of our health system.

Our nurses deserve to be honoured.

Happy Nurses Day!

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