The President's International Labour Day Message

Tue, 30 April 2013 | Employment


 The President's International Labour Day Message for 1st May.  

"The 1st of May is the important date of the year we dedicate to all workers.

International Labour Day is the occasion for all workers in the world to share solidarity. We join together to celebrate the fruits of our labour. Together we go to church to ask for grace, for blessing our tools. It is a time of reflection we spend with our brothers and sisters, to set good examples of the necessity of work in our families.      

May 1st honours all workers. It pays tribute to them for their great contribution to the progress of humanity.

The enormous progress we have accomplished in Seychelles, after we took charge of our own development, makes us proud.  The progress did not come by chance. It is thanks to our intelligent workers, who are resolute, have strong belief, are courageous and capable, that today our nation, although small, has succeeded in building a Seychelles with an economy that is continually becoming more solid, with a social foundation that ensures the wellbeing of our people.   

The achievements of our workers are not only in the facts the United Nations publishes about us, or in the amount of foreign exchange in the banks. We see the accomplishments in our unity, in the solidarity with our neighbours, in our prayers, in the love for our blessed country, in the ability and capacity of our workforce.   It is reflected in the joy on the faces of our elderly citizens who gave all they could to take Seychelles to where it is today, and are retiring in comfort and reaping the benefits from their contributions. The accomplishments are in the learning opportunities we give all the children of Seychellois workers. When we state that in future every Seychellois family will have at least one university graduate, we are actually strengthening the development of the children of our workers.  Our accomplishment is in our determination to safeguard all that we have built together. 

On behalf of my government, on behalf of the Seychellois nation, and on my personal behalf, I would like to convey our congratulations to all our workers. We are grateful for the individual and collective work that has enabled our people to move forward. On the 1st of May we join together to recognize and appreciate the value and dignity of work. 

On the occasion of  Labour Day I would like to reaffirm the commitment of my government to  make the lives of our workers and their families more comfortable. We are controlling inflation. We are taking measures to reduce the cost of living wherever possible. We continue to help the more vulnerable groups. When the yield from our economy is higher, thanks to our productive work,  my government wants our workers to benefit from it. 

We continue to build our New Seychelles. It is another exciting way forward for our workers, our youth, and our children who are growing up. There is enough work in our country for all people who want to prosper and make a positive contribution to their personal wellbeing, and the wellbeing of all of us. All work is noble. Every work is useful. Each one of us has to work to earn a living. It is work that gives human beings their true value. 

In the New Seychelles, in this global village that is changing rapidly, we need a workforce that is better equipped, efficient in staying ahead of competition, that is able to master modern technology, and overcome the challenges of globalisation. We will always invest in the education and training of our workforce.

In the New Seychelles we are developing the spirit of entrepreneurship. Every small business that is created is a source of new employment opportunities for Seychellois workers, for the youth.   It generates new wealth.  Our workforce grows. I reaffirm our support and assistance for the development of small businesses.

I always ask our Seychellois workers, our children, to seize all opportunities. 

The theme Striving for our Seychelles reminds us that the construction of the New Seychelles requires the continuous effort of all its workers.  The world is aware of what we have already accomplished together. We now want to attain a new level of higher productivity, better quality services, better products, more rewards. Our children, our grandchildren, will inherit a Seychelles that will be even better than today.

Together we continue to work for our Seychelles, and protect the workers’ interests. It is important we always remain united. 

I wish all workers a happy Labour Day celebration, in peace and joy, and may the year ahead bring us more prosperity.

Thank you." 


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