Message from President James Michel for Children’s Day, June 1st, 2016

Tue, 31 May 2016 | Community Development

On June 1st every year we focus our attention on the welfare of our children. We celebrate childhood.

On behalf of the nation, the government, my family and I wish all Seychellois children success, peace and joy in their schools, communities and homes.

In our corner of the world our children enjoy peace, a basic human right denied to millions of their little friends elsewhere. Our children are guaranteed free access to health care and education. We want all of them to grow up in a land of many opportunities, to become productive and exemplary in their adult lives. To ensure a bright future for our nation.

On this Children’s Day I want to reassure all parents and families that my government’s commitment to the well-being of our children has never been stronger. In May we launched the new National Family Policy. The family inculcates moral values in children and provides  the love, the stability and guidance that are precious for their development.  Every family must be given all the support to fulfil the noble tasks of raising our children in a stable and loving home environment.  We must nurture the fine qualities in our children, and help mould their character for them to become the respectful citizens of tomorrow.  This is our job as parents, mentors and teachers.

On this Children’s Day, I ask all the children of Seychelles to take their responsibilities seriously. Take responsibility for your education, for it is the key that will unlock a brilliant future. Take responsibility for your health because a strong mind and body will allow you to surpass your potential. Take responsibility for your actions.

Your rights as children have been guaranteed, but you have to take responsibility. It is part of growing up. It is learning to listen, to obey, to take advice, to decide what will bring you success. It is learning to respect your parents, your family, your teachers and your elders. It is learning to respect yourself. Stay away from destructive behaviours. Say no to drugs and alcohol. Appreciate that hard and honest work will enable you to face the world with dignity and pride.

To all our children I say: Think of all the people who are by your side providing love and care. Reflect on what you do today, how you can make the most of the opportunities around you to become the successful persons you want to be tomorrow.

I thank all the parents and teachers who are raising our children during this challenging time. We are also grateful to all the organisations taking the standards of childcare and child protection to new heights. Your work is invaluable to society.

I wish you all an enjoyable and memorable Children’s Day.

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