Constitution Day - June 18th, 2016 - Message from President James A Michel

Thu, 16 June 2016 | State House

On 18 June 1993 we adopted the Constitution that ushered in the Third Republic, an important stage in the progress of our modern nation. Its commemoration is a solemn occasion which recognizes the freedoms, rights, values and symbols which are enshrined in the Constitution, for our people. Values and symbols which unite us, which inspire us towards greater success for all.

Constitution Day 2016 falls between two elections.  A time of deep reflection. With the world around us facing economic and security concerns. But we feel safer in the cradle of our dear Seychelles, because of the protection our Constitution provides us. In spite of adversities, the ties that bind us together are a lot stronger than the rhetoric of discord. After all the trials and tribulations, in the end the unity and progress of our nation always prevail.

And our Third Republic is a success story, although we have to always remain mindful of events around us, both in Seychelles and elsewhere on the planet. The economy has been performing well, with growth of over 4%. Our people are seizing the many opportunities offered by our beloved Seychelles.  As true patriots, we cannot leave our wellbeing to chance. We cannot afford to take things for granted. We continue to work hard. To better our lives, to preserve the fruits of our labour.

As we observe Constitution Day we also recommit ourselves to the task of nurturing our unity, harmony and success. Today we should ask ourselves: What future do we see for Seychelles? For our children? The answer from me, and from the majority of our people, is that all of us want to continue living in a thriving Seychelles, where peace, love, harmony, solidarity and stability reign supreme.  Where there is space for every individual to avail of the many opportunities. To blossom. Where there is rule of law. Where we exercise our rights while we also respect the rights of others.  In a country that allows us to pursue our aspirations. A fair and just society we are proudly building for all.

We are reminded of our diversity, the inclusion of all the children of our nation in the realization of our common goals, which make our national unity truly precious.  Therefore, all the reasons to share the immense pride on this important anniversary.

On Constitution Day we hoist proudly our flag and sing our glorious national anthem. We rally around the symbols to appreciate the distance we have travelled. When we look at the future we see Seychelles moving forward fast. A society that is more open, more diverse.  A society of open debate and consultations. We continue to nurture our young democracy, to share the vision of a brighter future for our people. Constitution Day is dedicated to our children and grandchildren. They are the new trustees and guardians of our national values. It is on this day that we welcome our young athletes to the national stadium for the most important national sporting event in the country -- the inter-school athletics competition. We join them in celebrating their enthusiasm, energy and competitiveness.

Indeed, our Constitution recognizes the need for educational programmes that are aimed at the complete development of the pupil and student. We congratulate all the young athletes who are competing in the inter-school finals. We urge them to go for glory.

I wish all Seychellois a happy Constitution Day.

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