Message of the President on the Occasion of International Public Service Day – 23rd June 2016 - A Responsive Public Service – Serving People's Needs

Wed, 22 June 2016 | State House

I have always emphasised that a properly structured and functioning public service is the cornerstone of an effective Government. A President is elected to serve the people and to deliver on the pledges contained in his manifesto, and this delivery is not done by the President alone, but through a dedicated public service structure.

Early this year, I asked all the public service organisations to audit themselves against their mandated functions, and a study of the reports submitted to me make it clear that there remains considerable room for improvement. Whilst in many cases, constraints of budgetary and human resource capacity are important considerations, a recurring theme is the need for greater discipline, monitoring, supervision and accountability within organisations. There is also a need for greater innovation, for new dynamic and interactive ways of working and problem solving that are possible with the technological advances at our disposal today.

Another important lesson to learn is that it is not only our individual efforts as workers, or even the effectiveness of our individual organisations that matter, but that it is only through our collective efforts, working together as organisations, as a well-coordinated and a well-connected,listening, proactive public service, that we can achieve our goal of serving our people with the efficiency, care and compassion they deserve. We must always see the bigger picture, and continue to widen our horizons.

This is indeed a huge undertaking, but of course it begins with each one of us. And I am heartened to know that there are thousands of dedicated public servants in all professions who are everyday giving of their best, with integrity, selflessness and compassion, in serving our citizens, communities and businesses, in serving Seychelles. You uphold the principles of our public service. I salute you, and wish you every success.

On this International Public Service Day, let us reflect on how each one of us can make an improvement to the way we work, and network, so that – together – we can continue to build a public service that we can all be proud of.

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