Message of the President on the occasion of Teachers' Day, 5th October 2016

Tue, 04 October 2016 | Education

« La Réussite de Mes Etudiants, Mon Engagement »

(The success of my students, my commitment)

This year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Teachers’ Day in Seychelles.  For the past 25 years, as a small island developing nation, we have continued to uphold the status of this noble profession.  We have done it with commitment, for we recognize and realise the significant contribution teachers make to the process of nation- building.

As we journey towards the creation of a more prosperous Seychelles, the provision of quality education for all becomes indispensable. Quality Education For All in every sense is one of the fundamental pillars of sustainable development. In addition, it plays a pivotal role in promoting economic and social progress and in reducing economic inequalities.

The theme chosen to commemorate Teachers’ Day, “La Réussite de Mes Etudiants, Mon Engagement” (The success of my students, my commitment) is most fitting for this occasion as it is a reminder for all teachers and educators of their undeniable role and obligation vis-à-vis the education of all children.  We recognise that quality teaching is essential for quality learning and results.  Hence, ongoing investment in capacity building and training of teachers is a key priority in the Medium Term Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Education.  It clearly demonstrates government’s engagement through the Ministry of Education to ensuring that teachers at all levels of education are appropriately trained and qualified, so as to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

On this occasion I call on all teachers, school leaders and those working close with students to draw inspiration from the work and good examples of colleagues around you. Perform your duties with a renewed sense of dedication and diligence.  Through your unswerving quest for greater knowledge, for improvements in the quality of your teaching and for enhancing the learning outcomes of your students, you will be contributing to the building of the new Seychelles.

I urge parents and the community to be more supportive of teachers in their engagement.  Teachers need to be better respected, loved, valued and understood.  Let us do it because we love Seychelles.

I wish you all a Happy Teachers’ Day 2015.


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