Climate Change

Seychelles President Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change

African Regional Coverage - Thu, 02 February 2012

Speaking at the Leadership Panel of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), the President of the Republic of Seychelles, James Michel, called for practical action to address climate change, underlining that “our focus should not just be on words but on actions." The Summit is taking place in New Delhi, India, from 2-4 February 2012. President Michel further called on all countries of the world "to take more responsibility" for the required actions needed to mitigate climate change, and urged people everywhere to "put pressure on their governments to turn their pledges into reality." ...more

Forget climate ideology

The Age - Tue, 23 August 2011

AS THE public debate over climate change becomes increasingly heated, the leader of a small island nation arrived in Australia with a counter-message: the time for ideological conflict is past. ‘‘It is regrettable that many still view these debates as ideological,’’James Michel, president of the Republic of the Seychelles, said in Melbourne yesterday. ...more

President James Michel of Seychelles questioned world leaders at 11th Sustainable Development Summit at New Delhi

allvoices - Fri, 04 February 2011

The 11th Delhi Substainable Development Summit being organized by the World Sustainable Developement Forum at New Delhi from 3-5 February 2011, on tapping local initiatives and tackiling Global inertia, that began yesterday was attended by Enviornmental Ministers from 19 Countries besides the President of Seychelles Islands James Michel, Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh [Unlink], President of Dominican Republic Dr.Leonel Fernandez, President of Afghanistan Mr.Hamid Karzai [Unlink], Former Prime Minister of Norway Dr.Gro Harlem Brundtland [Unlink] and Indian Minister for Enviornment and Forests Mr.Jairam Rames and Nobel Laureates like Professor Joseph Stiglitz of Coloumbia University (USA), Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee President of Academia Sinica (Taiwan), and Sir James A Mirrlees, Professor of Political Economy of University of Cambridge (U.K.). ...more

The recipe for a climate deal

Euronews - Thu, 17 December 2009

At the Copengahen climate talks, the negotiators are striving to pull together and seal a deal. Euronews asked some of the delegates what they saw as the recipe for success....The President of the Seychelles, James Michel, believes the emphasis is on teamwork. ...more

Seychelles leader urges climate pact to boost food security

AFP/Mail & Guardian - Tue, 17 November 2009

Global warming is “inextricably linked” to food security, Seychelles President James Michel said, lamenting reports that no binding agreement is expected at the United Nations climate change talks in Copenhagen next month. Speaking to Agence France-Presse on the sidelines of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Hunger Summit in Rome on Monday, Michel said: “Coming up with ideas at the FAO summit without tackling climate change makes no sense.” ...more