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Countryfile: Seychelles

African Business Magazine - Wed, 01 January 2014

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Five years ago, the island state of Seychelles was on the brink of economic disaster. It was drowning in debt, growth has come to a halt and its output from its mostly state-owned industries had shrunk to a trickle... ...more

Bilateral relations: Stronger than ever and other Seychelles report

Khaleej Times - Thu, 05 July 2012

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Thought to be the home of the original Garden of Eden, this archipelago of !!" granite and coralline islands, positioned seven degrees south of the equator in the Indian Ocean, has become an ultimate island retreat with its unspoilt beauty and unique cultural and historical wealth. ...more

‘Invest in the people,’ says Seychelles president

UN Africa Renewal Magazine - Tue, 12 June 2012

The Seychelles, with its many Indian Ocean islands and beaches, is renowned as a high-end destination for tourists. Besides profiting from its beautiful landscape, it is also known as business-friendly, politically stable and a strong voice in international discussions on climate change. President James Alix Michel, who was previously a teacher, trade unionist, journalist and army colonel, has been elected twice to the country’s highest office, in 2006 and 2011. In this exclusive interview, Africa Renewal’s Wanjohi Kabukuru spoke to President Michel on the Seychelles’ successes and challenges. ...more

Q&A James Michel - President of The Republic of Seychelles

The Report Company - Thu, 02 February 2012

The Report Company: In 2007, your government launched “Strategy 2017” – a ten-year plan to double the GDP of the country through focused fisheries and tourism expansion programmes, the development of the financial services industry and the growth of other economic sectors. Today, at the halfway point of this ten-year plan, how would you define the progress made so far? ...more

Seychelles Touching the Future

Businessweek China - Fri, 20 May 2011

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Strategically located in a time zone whose working hours overlap with those of the world's major financial centers, Seychelles enjoys excellent sea and air connections to Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S. that make it a paradise for conducting business. ...more

Seychelles: Changing Fortunes

Seychelles Fortune magazine - Sun, 01 May 2011

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An archipelago spanning 115 islands situated 932 miles east of mainland Africa, the Republic of Seychelles is gearing up to become a business and tourism hub for the Indian Ocean region as it celebrates a rapidly diversifying economy and better quality of life. ...more

In Gear for the Future

The Economist - Sat, 26 February 2011

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Seychelles is the closest thing to paradise on earth, with an arresting natural beauty and the world’s best beaches. Its geographic make-up is unique – it is the only group of granitic islands situated in the middle of an ocean, and most of the granite is over 750 million years old. This tropical retreat also boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Aldabra is the world’s largest raised coral atoll, whilst the Vallée de Mai on Praslin is home to the famous Coco de Mer. ...more