President Starts Visits To Post-Secondary Educational Institutions

President Starts Visits To Post-Secondary Educational Institutions

Fri, 23 April 2010

April 23, 2010 -- President James Michel yesterday met with the students of the School of A Level Studies, Business Studies  and Visual Arts of the Polytechnic at Anse Royale at the start of a series of visits to post-secondary education institutions, which the President announced in the State of the Nation Address.

The President was accompanied by the Minister for Employment and Human Resource Development Macsuzy Mondon, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Seychelles Dr Rolph Payet, the Principal Secretary for Education Jeanne Simeon and other education officials.  The Minister for Education was unable to attend as he is on an overseas mission. 

"Last year I visited the people in the districts to get their views and it was a very good exercise, and I felt that this time we have to pay more attention to the youth, the young aspiring professionals and see what they are doing in their studies and also to find out from them what constraints they are facing. At the same time I want to know how they view the future, how they view themselves in the future of our country, because I attach a lot of importance on our young people, because for me they are the future. My meeting with them today was also a chance to for me to give them that encouragement for them to be more responsible, to take their studies seriously, so that tomorrow when they finish and they qualify they can become the agents of change in our society," said President Michel.
During the meeting students brought up many issues of concern, including the bus transport problems, the need to improve the facilities and infrastructure of their educational establishments and increase the supplies and technology available to them.

Many of the students asked the President, and other officials, about their prospects for employment  following their graduation as well as the criteria and opportunities available for higher education studies.

"They are interested in their studies, they have brought up certain issues and problems they have in their studies, because they want their learning place in a conducive environment. Now the Ministry of Education has to ensure that these students get what is reasonable and realistic for them to continue with their studies. Better planning is needed" the President stated.

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