Sweden appreciates Seychelles' anti-piracy fight

Sweden appreciates Seychelles' anti-piracy fight

Tue, 27 April 2010

April 27 2010 - Sweden's 10th ambassador to Victoria said yesterday that he country appreciates Seychelles efforts in the fight against piracy.

The new ambassador, Mrs Anne Dismorr, said after presenting her credentials to President James Michel at State House that Seychelles has shown a tremendous amount of solidarity with the whole international community in this regard.

"We appreciate what Seychelles is doing in the fight against piracy. It is extremely useful and it is a very valuable contribution," she told the national media.

Ambassador Dismorr added that Sweden has contributed a warship to the international fleet fighting piracy in the Indian Ocean.

She said her country and Seychelles also has common environment preservation goals and supports maritime life conservation through the Western Indian Ocean Scientific Association to which Sweden gives an annual $7 million.

It is very important to protect the marine environment of the ocean in Seychelles and other countries which border theocean, the ambassador said.


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