Review of management of children's and half-way homes

Review of management of children's and half-way homes

Fri, 07 May 2010

May 7, 2010 - The First Lady, Mrs Natalie Michel, is presiding over a complete review of the management of the President's Village and Half-Way Home. Mrs Michel is the chairperson of the Children's Homes Foundation.

The review is revisiting staff needs, professional competencies, standards as well as programmes and activities to better respond to the needs of the children of the village, said a press release from the office.

Mrs Michel recently visited the President's Village to have a personal insight into the situation and needs of the home.  The foundation is also doing major renovation of the building and facilities there with the help of the government and private funding.

The decision to do the review follows the transfer in January of the management of the homes to the foundation from the Department of Social Development.

The review is being led by the chief executive of the foundation, Noella Gontier, with the support of the staff of the foundation's secretariat and in very close collaboration with the main partners.

"The aim of the exercise is to improve the level of care and the service delivery in general and also to improve the professionalism and working conditions of the staff.  This approach was put forth by the chairperson with the main priority being the wellbeing of the children," the communiqué said.

It added the foundation is also getting excellent cooperation of its partners ranging from governmental, non-governmental organisations, the private and business sectors, the church, individuals and others.

"One good example of the partnership is reflected in the school holiday programme covering a wide range of activities like workshops on health, education, environment and wildlife, creative arts, dance classes, community service, substance abuse prevention activities, fun outings etc with organisation and individuals conducting the activities benevolently," the press release said.

Mrs Michel has vowed to bring about needed changes to benefit the children in homes and also encourage other organisations to contribute towards helping the children. One recent example of this partnership has been the trip to Dubai sponsored by Maia Hotel and Qatar Airways.  Various other partners have since committed their willingness to work in partnership with the foundation to benefit children in homes.

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