Harmony, Jobs And Productivity Integrated At Port Launay

Harmony, Jobs And Productivity Integrated At Port Launay

Fri, 14 May 2010

May 14, 2010 -- President James Michel today visited the newest and largest five-star tourism resort on Mahé, the Ephelia at Port Launay. This visit forms part of a series of visits to workplaces, announced in the President's State of the Nation Speech.

President Michel was accompanied by  Minister for Employment and Human Resources Development, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, Secretary of State Jean-Paul Adam, Principal Secretary for Employment Marian Confait, Chairman of Le Refuge du Pecheur (parent company of Ephelia and Lemuria hotels) Captain Guy Adam, Member of the Board of Directors of Le Refuge du Pecheur, Jean Weeling-Lee, Managing Director of Constance Hotels Experience, Patrice Binet-Decamps  and Regional General Manager of Constance Ephelia Resort, Philippe Guitton.

 "I wanted to see this new investment and tourism product, and also how the workers are integrating in the new environment and how much they are working to create wealth for themselves and for the country. I am encouraged to see the hotel has 536 Seychellois and  266 expatriates, which shows how many Seychellois are benefiting from this investment which is  great partnership between a Seychellois company and a foreign investor, " said President Michel.

As he walked around the facilities with the of the resort the President encouraged the staff of Ephelia Resort in their work, in their productivity and personal development. He said that he encouraged young people to learn well and participate in the development of our country.

" I can see there is harmony between the staff of this resort, the atmosphere is very relaxed,  staff are positive about their work and that everyone is challenged to increase their productivity. Since the economic reforms all of us have had to transform the way we live and work, and I can see that many are taking opportunities in the tourism industry to transform their lives."

President Michel said that although some staff had experienced some welfare problems at the beginning of the year, these 'teething problems' were being addressed through the Department of Employment and the management of the resort.

" Today I have been very impressed with what I have seen. I think that this hotel has integrated itself very well in the environment. With such development, the hotel  has managed to integrate the protection and management of the environment within the overall structure of the hotel. They have done a very good job of protecting the wetland, it is very well developed and forms  part of an attraction of the hotel. It also maintains the uniqueness of the flora and fauna of Seychelles."

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