Government Announces Changes In IDC Management Structure

Government Announces Changes In IDC Management Structure

Tue, 18 May 2010

May 18, 2010 -- As part of the ongoing public enterprise reform, the President, Mr James A Michel, has reviewed the management structure of the Islands Development Company (IDC), to better prepare the organization to face new challenges.

Under the review, Mr. Patrick Lablache has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Company with immediate effect.  Mr. Lablache has a wealth of experience in land use management both in the government and in the private sector.

Mr. Glenny Savy remains in post as the chief executive officer of the company.  A new post of deputy CEO has also been created within the organization.  The deputy CEO is Mr. Ronny Renaud who was previously the head of the National Parks Authority. 

The new CEO of the National Parks Authority is Mr. Denis Matatiken, currently a Senior Policy Analyst within the Department of Environment.

The President has expressed his confidence that the changes in the management structure will allow IDC to better prepare itself to face the new challenges of the day.  The changes also prepare the way for IDC to review and adapt its functions in light of fundamental changes which have occurred in the local and international economy.

The President has also welcomed the changes as examples of further avenues for the building of capacity of young Seychellois CEOs for the benefit of the country.

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