Top performing A Level students from SALS meet with President Michel

Top performing A Level students from SALS meet with President Michel

Tue, 10 May 2016 | Education

President James Michel received seven outstanding A Level students, who are the best performers of the 2016 graduation year, today at State House. They have all gained top grades in their examinations at the state-owned School of Advanced level Studies (SALS). Also present during the meeting was the Minister for Education, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon.

The President congratulated the students for their achievements in their exams and wished them well in their studies at university level.

“I hope that the grades you have received will allow you to further your studies with great success. … Your parents have struggled very hard to build the country we have today. It has not been easy but we have worked to make available these educational opportunities for your benefit. You have made use of those opportunities and received good grades. On top of your personal career and future aspirations, also think of your country. I would ask you to take your studies seriously and to come back and help to continue building a more prosperous country,” said the President in his meeting with the students.

The students briefed the President on their grades as well as their plans for studies and their chosen fields for their careers. Later this year, they will all be leaving the country to further their studies at overseas universities in areas such as Law, Engineering, Medicine, English Language and Accounting.

Speaking to the local media after the meeting, they spoke about their meeting with the President.

Vania Marimba said that she will be studying Law to become a solicitor and that she is aiming for a First Class degree. For the time being she is teaching History and Geography at Beau Vallon School at S1 and S5 level.

Another student, Sadsitha Lokuge, said that he is interested in Engineering and that he will be pursuing his studies in France. He said that he looks forward in coming back to Seychelles as a qualified Engineer.

Siddharth Jawahar, explained to the national media that he is going to study Medicine in view that it is a need for doctors in the country. In the future he also wished to become a business entrepreneur. He is currently posted at the Seychelles Hospital observing doctors in their work.

Editor’s note:

The best performing SALS students are;

1.Siddharth Jawahar: A in Biology, Physics and Maths

2.Shania Low-Thion: A* in Accounting & Business Studies, A in Economics

3.Mara Rivolta: A in English Literature, Computing and Psychology

4. Paul Gedeon: A in Chemistry, A* in Maths, Physics and Computing

5. Frances Barra: A in Geography, A* in Economic and Business Studies

6. Vania Marimba: A in English Literature, History, Psychology

7. Sadsitha Lokuge: A* in Physics, Chemistry and Computing, A in Maths

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