President Michel visits La Digue community

President Michel visits La Digue community

Tue, 24 May 2016 | Community Development

President James Michel visited several families on La Digue today, which forms part of his on-going programme to stay connected with the communities and assessing the level of progress as well as services that the different agencies and Ministries offer.

The President visited a large number of homes and talked to the residents about the community’ needs as well as the Government services they accessed.

During his visits, President Michel spoke to the residents about the economic development of the island, which is seeing a boom in tourism. He also met several elderly persons and spoke to them about their needs and the experiences they wish to share with younger generations of the island as part of the community development efforts.

They also discussed the need to remain united as a country, and maintain the social and economic pathway that the country is undertaking.

The President and his delegation also viewed the drainage works that had been carried out on the island, and had prevented flooding during heavy rainfall.

The President was accompanied by the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports (Designated Minister), Mr Vincent Meriton, the Member of the National Assembly for the Inner Islands, Hon. Chantal Ghislain, the District Administrator for La Digue, Ms. Barbara Barrallon and Senior Liaison Officer in the Office of the President, Mrs. Ephna Kilindo.

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