“Let peace, unity, love and respect become part of your lives so that the future of Seychelles is bright and promising.”

“Let peace, unity, love and respect become part of your lives so that the future of Seychelles is bright and promising.”

Wed, 29 June 2016 | State House

On the occasion of the Seychelles National Day on 29th June, celebrating 40 years since the Independence of the Republic of Seychelles, President James Michel has appealed to the Seychellois people to have unity, respect, tolerance, solidarity, compassion, work together and make Seychelles move forward, in an address at Stad Linite, where the National Day parade took place this afternoon.

During his address, the President said that all accomplishments in the life of a person, in the life of a nation, begins with a vision.

“Over 40 years ago, a group of Seychellois had a vision for Seychelles.  A vision of freedom and independence.  A vision of social justice, universal education, health for all citizens, decent housing, pensions – a vision of wealth distribution.  A vision of emancipation.  A Seychelles where national unity, harmony, peace and solidarity reign. This same group of people were determined to bring Seychelles far, towards a new destiny.  They dared to dream, and they had a firm conviction in the capacity of the Seychellois people to transform our country.  They were determined to bring Seychelles towards its Independence. Their vision became a reality 40 years ago.  Their determination and conviction bore fruit on that day, that night, when our small Seychelles became a nation, sovereign and free.”

President Michel saluted the great architects of our nation; those who are still with us, as well as those who have departed. He expressed special thanks go to President France Albert Rene and to President James Richard Mancham, the two distinguished personalities in the history of Seychelles.

President Michel extended his gratitude to the representatives of the international community in Seychelles, and the countries that had contributed significantly to the development and progress of the country. He thanked China, France, India, Mauritius and the United Kingdom, for their contribution in the National Day parade and cultural show, which saw the participation of the Seychelles military, elderly, youth, civil society, public service and private sector.

He also thanked all the participants and organisers, for the hard work, commitment and patriotism in the organisation of the various National Day activities.

“Today, our National Day – the anniversary of our Independence – is also a commemoration of our national unity.  As President, I still have the same message.  The same conviction that has always motivated me.  The same passion that has always inspired me.  It is the unity of our people, and peace in our country.  I am passionate in my work for unity and peace.  I believe that as a small country, and a country in rapid development, subject to the turbulence of world currents, we have no other option.  Despite the diversity of our opinions, despite the diversity in our points of view, we must work together.  …  But if we abandon this, if we get derailed from this path, we will not get far.  Worse still, we shall enter a period of self-destruction, anarchy and violence.  That's when we shall see, and we shall understand, the true meaning of abject poverty.  We have enough examples of places where this is happening in this sadly divided world.  Is this the kind of tragedy that we want for our country?  Is this the kind of pain that we want to inflict on our own Seychellois brothers and sisters?  No!  And a thousand times, No!  We Seychellois, we do not want division.  We do not want violence.  We do not want the destruction of our country.  We do not want poverty.  We do not want threats hanging over us, over our future and the future of our children.”

The President noted that as Seychelles’ democracy evolves, the freedom of its people is protected under the Constitution, whereby they are to exercise their religious, press and political freedoms.

He appealed against the use of offensive language against state institutions such as the Judiciary, as this runs contrary to respect for independent institutions that are there to protect people’s rights and freedoms.

“As Head of State, my appeal is for us to beware of sowing hatred to reap hatred.  We do not sow vengeance to reap vengeance.  Let the maturity, tolerance and solidarity of our people continue to inspire us, to sow love so that we reap love. Each one of us has a dream for Seychelles.  We have a dream for a better tomorrow.  In order to realise our dream, it is most important that peace, unity and stability reign throughout our country. We who are older, we who were part of the struggle together, we know this very well.  Tonight, my message is for this generation which is in the making, this generation which is in the waking.  Let peace, unity, love and respect become part of your lives so that the future of Seychelles is bright and promising,” said the President in his address.

The President dedicated this 40th anniversary of Independence to the youth of Seychelles.

Editors' Note

  • For the first time, Air Seychelles took part with an Airbus A330 and two Twin Otter aircrafts took part in a spectacular flyover during ceremony of the National Day Parade.
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