Courtesy call by the Executive Director of Africa Group Constituency at the World Bank Group

Courtesy call by the Executive Director of Africa Group Constituency at the World Bank Group

Tue, 05 July 2016 | Finance

The Executive Director of Africa Group 1 Constituency at the World Bank Group, Dr. Peter Larose paid a courtesy call on President James Michel at State House today. His visit to Seychelles forms part of a series of visits he is doing in all the 22 African countries that falls under this Constituency during his two mandate which will come to an end this year.

President Michel expressed his gratitude and that of the Government of Seychelles for his dedication to his duty and in representing the Seychelles.

“I acknowledge and express Seychelles’ appreciation for the excellent work you have done a the World Bank as well as showing that as a small country, Seychelles can also produce women and men of quality to serve in those international positions. Not only representing Seychelles but other countries as well. I thank you for your support in not only promoting Seychelles but the cause of the small islands states and peace. The World Bank has always been a supportive partner in our economic and social development,” said President Michel.

During the meeting, Dr. Larose spoke to the President about the excellent relations that continue to grow between Seychelles and the World Bank. They also spoke about the different economic and social developments that Seychelles has achieved in recent years and  the challenges it continues to face. Mr. Larose took the opportunity to congratulate President Michel for his leadership in championing the issues of Climate Change and the Blue Economy concept in the international arena.

In an interview with the national press, Dr. Larose said that Seychelles is well known at the World Bank and internationally due to the good work being done by Seychelles government.

“Seychelles and the World Bank have an excellent relationship. Seychelles has done a lot of progress under the leadership of President Michel and yes there are challenges but it is normal. As a person representing Seychelles and looking after 21 other African countries at the World Bank I feel proud. I would like to congratulate the President for the excellent strategy to move Seychelles on the next level in its development,” said Mr. Larose.

Also present at the meeting this morning was the Minister for Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, the President's Diplomatic Adviser, Ambassador Callixte D'Offay, the Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, Mr. Feldeke Mammo and the Chief Press Secretary in the Office of the President, Ms. Srdjana Janosevic.

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