Address by the Vice President, Mr. Danny Faure at the Official Opening of the photo exhibition marking President Michel 10th year in office, 14th April 2014

Mon, 14 April 2014 | Politics

President Michel All protocols observed  Good morning.  It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the official opening of this wonderful photo exhibition, commemorating 10 years of presidency of our Head of State.

I am privileged to have been given the honour to address you on this historic occasion, an occasion to be celebrated with joy but above all with a great sense of pride.

Mr. President, a decade in the highest office is no mean feat.  Ten years at the helm of our small but determined nation shouldering the responsibilities of meeting its expectations and realizing its aspirations.  It is a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man.

Today we salute you, we pay tribute to your leadership and we celebrate with you this great accomplishment.

Ladies and gentlemen,

How time flies! Indeed 10 years have gone by. However 5 words uttered by President Michel on the 14th April 2004 have not been blown away in the wind. The 5 words, “Judge me by my actions”  chosen as the  theme of this exhibition, is indeed a very striking statement made then and  still being realised to the fullest today as the photos on display speak for themselves.

Making such a bold statement, demands a strength of character, a spirit of great determination and a willingness for one’s decisions and actions to be questioned, to be weighed.  Judge me through what I do is being courageous enough to lay oneself open to critics, but it is a statement that calls for transparency in one’s work and responsibility and accountability for the results.

The leader, the man at the top, Head of state the head of government, the, the Commander in Chief of the defence forces, sent an invitation to his people, his government and all institutions as well as the international community to examine his leadership role, the actions of his government on all fronts and to appreciate what is being done and to judge. 

Judging has an aspect of appraising, of evaluating and pointing out the weaknesses so that shortcomings can be adjusted and gaps filled, all in the spirit of wanting the best for Seychellois and the Seychellois people.

The statement also echoes the principle of democracy, asking to be questioned and being ready to listen, to respond and to deliver.

This is what has happened during the past 10 years.  The nation has been consulted, citizens have participated in decision making, and their views have been sought, listened to and taken into account.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The exhibition we are about to view depicts different distinct stages, eye opening aspects and interesting episodes of this remarkable 10 year journey.  Each of the photos tells a different story.

All of them are compelling pictures, capturing moods and moments evocative of the vision coming into life, of promises made and accomplished, of the dedication, warmth, compassion and closeness of the leader, of the belief, trust, love and fellowship of the people and the respect and high esteem of the international community.

The theme and content of the exhibition are an invitation to the viewers for active engagement and interaction.  Whatever the reaction, one will definitely not stand passive in front of such an array of captivating and thought- provoking images.

I  have immense pleasure in inviting you, ladies and gentlemen, to embark on this journey, spanning ten years of progress, of achievements, of challenges overcome, of institutional reforms implemented, of strategies adopted for economic recovery and growth and for creating a more favourable environment for business and investment.

Follow step by step this decade of incessant striving to consolidate our economic and social gains, of major efforts invested in cementing international relations, in advocating for environment conservation and protection, in championing the cause of small island developing states, in promoting the concept of the blue economy, and in strengthening our democracy always with the same clear vision of wanting the best for the Seychellois people.

Whilst on this journey, I invite each one of you to continue to reflect on and keep the theme of the exhibition in focus.  It should be an ongoing call taking us forward, honing our determination in ensuring a bright future for all.

The challenge made by our Head of state, 10 years ago, is relevant today and should live on as it is a shining example of a vibrant democracy.  Judge me by my actions should become the challenge of each one of us.

Thank you, Mr. President for leading by example.

I would like at this juncture to commend the organisers on the great choice and high quality of the exhibits. I am pleased to note that you have also planned for the exhibition to move from here to the districts and to educational institutions.  Thank you for all the effort and hard work put into staging such a work of art which will allow us to celebrate the past decade and appreciate the continuity of the journey we are on.

It is now my great pleasure to declare the photo exhibition officially open and wish you all an interesting viewing.

Thank you for your attention.

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