Presidents Michel’s Press Statement to the Media following Bilateral Talks with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, State House, on 7th May 2016

Sat, 07 May 2016 | Foreign Affairs

First of all, may I say how honoured we are that Mr. Ban Ki-moon has accepted our invitation to visit Seychelles, as we prepare to commemorate the 40th anniversary of our existence as a sovereign state and our membership of the United Nations. His visit marks the first visit of a serving United Nations Secretary General to Seychelles.

Global issues and challenges like climate change, sustainable development, peace and security, transnational crimes, humanitarian issues, Small Island Developing States have been the focus of our discussions.

I have thanked Secretary General BAN Ki-moon for his invaluable contributions to the UN, in particular in spearheading real action on climate change, and sustainable development ushering the world in a new era of global partnership and solidarity.

I have reiterated my appreciation to the Secretary General for his valued support to the position of Small Island Developing States, like Seychelles, and for the pivotal role played by the UN in transforming their development perspectives. We underscore the importance of the creation of SIDS Dock which is today the only SIDS body recognized as a United Nations treaty Organization.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon and myself have agreed on the seriousness and urgency of the threat posed by climate change and on the need for a rapid implementation of the Paris Agreement by all parties concerned.

I have reaffirmed Seychelles’ continued engagement and commitment in the implementation of the landmark 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate Change.

In this regard, I have outlined the actions that Seychelles is already taking on climate change in the spirit of the SAMOA PATHWAY, in promoting the Blue Economy concept, as well as the use of climate forecasting services to boost development.

The Secretary General and myself have underscored the importance for countries to get the necessary support to realize their national plans in order to meet the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, highlighting at the same time the imperative need for a successful outcome of COP22 in Marrakesh, already seen as COP for action.

I have also reiterated to Mr. Ban Ki-moon Seychelles’ appreciation for his valued support to our national and regional efforts in combating transnational crimes, like piracy and drug trafficking, and in promoting maritime security across the Indian Ocean and in Africa.

I have expressed my appreciation to Mr. Ban Ki-moon for his tireless work to make the United Nations more connected to the youth. I share his vision calling on the youth of the world to rise to the challenges of their generation and to join forces with the UN for a better world.

This visit and my extremely fruitful discussions with the Secretary General have reinforced our relationship and partnership with the United Nations and its agencies to a new level. We have recognised their continued valued support in the political and socio-economic development of Seychelles. I have expressed our commitment to continue working closely together in order to build a world of peace, development and human rights for all.

I thank you.

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